I see 4 entries when booting (1 seems a duplicate) - EasyBCD has only 3 (=correct)


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When I boot my Windows 7 system I see 4 entries to choose from and there should be only 3. The first one seems to be a duplicate of one of the other three. While in EasyBCD it only shows the 3 correct ont.

How do I fix that?




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Are you using the latest EasyBCD ?
Are you sure that the BCD that EasyBCD is looking at is the same one being used to boot the system ?
(You can check by making a trivial cosmetic change to one of the system names in "edit boot menu", e.g. Change "Windows 7" to "Windows7" and seeing if the change appears in your boot menu).
If they are not the same, check EasyBCD > Tools > Options > "Automatically load......" to check that you are not forcing it to look in the wrong place.
If they are the same, then you have minor BCD corruption.
You can fix that by EasyBCD > BCD Backup/Repair > Reset BCD
Do Not ignore EasyBCD's warning not to reboot the system until you have added all of your BCD entries again.


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Also, what entries?

EasyBCD doesn't show entries coming from boot.ini