Install EasyBCD on both OS?

I have dual boot setup of win 7 and xp (with 7 installed first).
EasyBCD is installed on win 7, i want to know if i also install EasyBCD on xp, will the menu enteries be the same? Keep in mind that drive letters change in both OS'es, e.g. Xp partition is C: when booted under xp, but is E: under win 7. Also will i be able to use the ireboot utility?
The menu entries will definitely be the same :smile:

As for iReboot, it was made for exactly this scenario! :grinning:


Be sure to use EasyBCD 2.0 and iReboot 2.0, both available here on the forums.
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The entries will be the same, but they might not look the same.
the BCD doesn't contain letters, just UIDs.
For your convenience, EasyBCD translates those UIDs into letters as seen from the system you run it on.