Hi Friends and Seniors

Im very new to the PC domain ..
Also i have never beenb associated with any forum and reeally dont know how forums really work ..

Recently i have been assigned a task which seems to be very critical to me ...

I would like to know how the correct way of doing the following

1) Create partion in a HDD and install MS dos latest version and also Vista

2) when i boot the system i should be able to see the boot menu so that i can make a choice whether to boot in DOS or Win Vista .

I request everyone's sincere help to get me a good woring solution on this ..
Hi beginner, welcome to NST.
You'll find details here.
First thing to note is that OSs older than XP have a requirement to be the first thing on the HDD.
You will not be able simply to add DOS to a pre-existing Vista by shrinking the Vista partition to make space. You could do that easily to add XP to Vista, but DOS will need to be installed first and Vista added later.
Also DOS will not support SATA disks, it will need an IDE drive. Your simplest option would probably be to install DOS to an IDE drive and put it at the head of the BIOS boot sequence, and repair the Vista boot so that it adds the Vista BCD/bootmgr onto the DOS drive and boots from there.

Read the early links from the sticky thread for invaluable background information on how the whole process works.
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