Install XP problems on second partition


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I have windows 7 installed on my laptop (Aspire 7535G) and i want to install windows xp and have the choice of 2 to run at start up.

Have created a second partition on the same hard drive where windows 7 is on but when i go to install windows xp using the CD i get a blue screen just before it comes up with the choice of partition to use.

Can anyone help me?

How old is your XP disc ?
XP before SP2 contains no SATA support, so cannot access the HDDs on a modern PC.
You'll need to use F6 and a floppy disc to pre-load the SATA drivers, slipstream the later service packs into your XP disc, or set your PC in IDE emulation mode.
That will cause problems in a dual boot because the 2 OSs will be operating in different modes.