Installed new MOBO and now windows is asking for boot disk Vista os

My computer shut off one night and nothing worked except when I tried to turn it on all I got was a 1 second flash of lights. So I thought it was the PSU, still the same thing changed the CPU and the same thing, left the cpu out and it started up but of course no monitor, needed the cpu? So I purchased a invidia mobo. Installed it and it turns on but it says I need to insert boot disk?
I pushed key board f-? keys and got a launch start up repair screen and proceeded to let windows correct problem the message I got is
Root cause found
Start up repair has tried several times but still cannnot determine the cause of the problem
System disk=\device\harddisk0
Windows directory =c:\windows
Autochk run = 0
Number of root causes = 1
I am lost should I consider a new hard drive and if so is it possible to retrieve my information off the old hd?


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Try turning off AHCI in the BIOS.
If it is a different mobo, Windows probably won't want to boot anymore because the hardware differences are too great. I've seen this before. The data should still be there. If you have another computer you could back up the data. If not, you could try the Vista repair install, but things will probably still be quirky, but at least you could then back up your data. If it were me, I would boot to a Linux Live CD, mount the drive, burn the data to media or copy to another drive, then format and reinstall Windows, to save the hassle. It depends on your preference, of course.