iReboot: migrate dual Win7+Win7 to dual Win10+Win10

Hi all,

I currently have a dual-boot Win7 + Win7 setup (required for separation of a general purpose+games OS from a Workstation OS (software development and Photoshop).

I'm looking at Microsoft's "in-place upgrade" to Win10, which I would probably apply to both W7 installations.

Has anyone performed this type of upgrade and can verify whether iReboot will:
a) remain installed on both OS
b) keep working i.e. provide me a boot-loader option menu

Or would it be better to upgrade each OS in complete isolation and re-install iReboot or EasyBCD into them?

Many thanks,


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I upgraded both my 10 partitions one after the other. It just meant replacing entries in EasyBCD afterwards.
iReboot will continue to work as long as it's the latest version.

It may be necessary to use Windows media to restore the multi-boot menu using Advance Tools > Startup Repair.