iReboot StickySelections and SetDefaultOnStartup not working


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I used EasyBCD to create a multiboot on my computer. I use iReboot to start the computer WITHOUT showing the bootloader selection menu. This works fine if I run iReboot.exe from the taskbar. I read in the forums that if I modified the "iReboot.exe.config" file to say "SetDefaultOnStartup True" I would be able to make the current OS the default. I also tried setting "StickySelections True". No matter what settings I use, this does not seem to work.

What I am expecting:
- Default OS to boot without displaying the selection menu
- Only able to use multiboot if pressing F12 (lenovo) on startup and manually selecting the multi-bootloader or if using iReboot from within windows itself

Default OS: Win10 x64
Other OS: Heavily modified WinPE disk
BIOS: secure boot, GPT HDD

My kids use this computer and I cannot have them using the wrong OS (it will literally break a lot of things for me). I do not ever want to see the boot menu but I do not want to use the "skip boot menu" option because it seems to prevent the use of multiboot altogether. How are people getting this to work?


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I ended up using the task scheduler to fix this. The following command is executed from the TS:

bcdedit.exe /bootsequence {current}

I have the task set to run at computer startup even if no user is logged on. Now I can reboot the computer as many times as I want and will never see the boot menu selector. I am able to use F12 (on lenovo) to manually select a boot device, I simply select the multi-boot loader.

thanks anyway.


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Sorry the experts missed this. I moved it to the right spot which might have helped if you hadn't already solved it.
Glad you have found an answer as I can't think of any other easier way given the conditions you've laid out.