iReboot, system tray, tick on wrong partition.

I've got 4 bootable partitions on my machine. 2 of them are Windows 10 and the others are other versions.
I've renamed each of them in EasyBCD but IReboot has problems identifying which partition I'm currently booted into on it's context menu in the system tray. EasyBCD seems to be able to individually identify the drives ok in it's list of partitions.
It's been like this for years and I ignore it as it's obvious which drive I'm currently using but it would be nice if one day it could be fixed. Thanks :smile:


Mostly Harmless
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Hi czeshirecat (clever name! From the CR?)

That's an odd bug. Are you saying iReboot *never* picks up the right info, or only if iReboot is started and then a change is made in EasyBCD?