Is it possible for neoGRUB to continue booting certain distros after a kernel update?

This is from the Archlinux documentation on using neoGRUB with that distro, and then, using it with with Ubuntu (or similar):
Ubuntu adds version numbers to its vmlinuz and initrd files, which would require that you update the NeoGRUB every kernel update. Arch does not have this problem.
I think, this was written some time ago.
? Has there been any update, or work-around devised, so that neoGRUB will continue to work for booting distros that add the version numbers to these files?

LinuxMint 16 also uses the version numbers, mentioned above.

[HR][/HR]I'd really like to get Mint booting (reliably) in my triple-boot set-up, but I do need help with the script's syntax, to make this possible. Right now, it aborts at the GRUB prompt, instead of continuing to a proper boot.

Much appreciated, if someone could take a look at the script I've posted, how my drives are set-up, see if there's an obvious problem, and then please ask if I haven't given enough information. Or, if you could refer me to a link that solves the problem, that would be fine.

To me the problem looks complicated, but it should be "a piece of cake" to anyone used to working with these scripts.

:smile: Thanks!
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I'm still curious about this point, even if I do wind up using just the automatic easyBCD boot method, without neoGRUB.

Any ideas?


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If you manually type in the contents of the script at the GRUB prompt, you'll see the error text on the line that is giving the problem. That would help pin things down.