Is there a way to copy the ipsec.sys file to a flash drive & re-install if needed?

Good afternoon everyone,

A short time ago, a Sirefef Trojan was detected during an SAS quick scan on my computer. Somehow, the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM 32\DRIVERS\ipsec.sys file was deleted (either by the trojan itself or during the removal from quarantine process I did with SAS). I subsequently had no Internet access and spent $123 to get my computer back up and running.

My question: Is there a way to COPY the ipsec.sys file to a USB flash drive and re-install the file if a similar adverse event should occur in the future? (I do not have a 2nd computer to use either).

Thank you for your time and any information!


Mostly Harmless
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While it was ipsec.sys this time and it could just as easily be any other file the next time.

Next time this happens, assuming you're still able to boot into Windows, you can actually copy the file off the Windows setup DVD.
Thanks very much for the info, Mahmoud!

The only problem is I obtained this computer second-hand; there is no Windows set-up DVD for it.

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Order Replacement Media for it. As Mahmoud said, there is no guarantee that you will be able to boot next time. What happens if your explorer.exe file gets corrupted next or the svchost.exe file? Copying your whole OS to a flash drive is not going to work as you cant just copy and paste it back.

You can try to make an image of the OS using CloneZilla or FOG. But still having the media is worth the few bucks you have to spend.
I appreciate the added feedback & topic link, Alex!