is there an idiot book for eRecovery?

After finally getting the ISO files burned correctly, Vista 32 bit, here I am at the ERE screen.
Automated Repair
Browse/Backup Files
Partition Editor
Internet Browser
Launch Command Line
Up in the top left corner is : LXTerminal.... looks like a command prompt area...defiantly not a DOS one though, so what is it?
After highlighting Auto Repair and pressing continue there is a little black box...."Please Wait"
I did, for 3 hours, still was there
Highlight Browse/Backup Files... Please Wait.. another hour
Before this ERE screen automatically appeared there was a small dialog box with Applications and System listed. It went by to fast to read the sub menus. What was that about?Minimizing the screen does not display it nor does mousing around anywhere.
So... is there a manual/guide for this?
I know, I'm sending this to tech support in an email also but i was hoping for maybe some guidance here. I am not totally computer illiterate and I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Has anyone else had the ERE just hang for hours?