Is Win7 recovery disk suitable for me?


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this is my situation: some months ago I decided to switch to linux, but I also wanted to back up windows7's recovery partition, so I unhid it, selected all the files and folders and just copied and pasted them into a usb pendrive. Then I deleted the recovery partition on my hard drive.

I tried to get windows back by recreating the partition and dropping there the original recovery files. Result: the grub2 bootloader recognizes the windows recovery partition, but I cannot manage to boot the recovery program from there. Actually, I managed to make it work once but I don't remember how I did and, however, the installation process always crashed just after starting...

Is your tool "windows 7 recovery disk" able to get windows 7 back just using the files I backed up? (I have the original windows'license of course)

My system is: asus 1215b, 64-bit, 3gb ram, linux ubuntu 11.10 installed.

Is eventually "Unetbootin" suitable in order to burn your .iso image to a usb pendrive or should I use something else?

Is your .iso image a hybrid iso?

Thank you