Issues with Win8.1 and x86 XP

Hello friends of the multi-boot,

I've used EasyBCD for years, probably since I've used XP as a primary OS and it really is wonderful stuff. I'm having an issue as of late and I have come to the land of BCDs to ask the great minds for help. I run Windows 8.1 Pro on my P0 HDD and have decided that, rather than maintain a trashbox for legacy gaming, I could probably get away with putting a Windows XP drive in my main machine. Sure enough, all my hardware has drivers for it and everything runs fine and dandy once I'm booted. Drive P1 is dedicated to game installations for the 8.1 partition and I have Windows XP installed to the drive connected to P2.

In EasyBCD, it recognizes that Windows 8.1 Pro is installed to my C:/ drive and detects where winload.exe is appropriately. However, when I assign the Windows XP boot entry and allow it to find the installation automatically, it mistakenly chooses Drive P1 as the XP installation because it has a Program Files directory. "Sure," I said, "maybe I've just got to point it to that drive (P2) specifically." So I delete the Windows XP entry, go back in, and manually select the drive that it's installed to, in this case drive G:/. It will recognize that there is a Windows installation in this directory but when I go back to the main overview tab, I get this:

Windows Boot Loader-------------------
identifier {6906fd0d-737c-11e4-8261-6466b311176c}
device partition=C:
path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
description Windows 8.1
locale en-US
osdevice partition=C:
systemroot \Windows

Real-mode Boot Sector
identifier {0a83da97-737d-11e4-8261-6466b311176c}
device partition=G:
path \NST\easyldr1
description Microsoft Windows XP
locale en-US
As you see, the [path] is directing the bootsector to \NST\easyldr1, a directory that EasyBCD creates and fills itself. The problem is that this directory does not boot Windows XP at all and instead will give me a winload error if I try to select it. Any thoughts on this? Would have loved to search to see if there was a prior thread for this but I'm not good at condensing problems into short, Googlable phrases