Just installed EasyBCD - 2 questions for you.


Hello - new here and have 2 questions about easybcd.
1. I didn't opt for the desktop icon when I installed and now I can't find easybcd. It doesn't seem to be in the Vista start menu. Is this normal ?

2. I was already dual booting Vista HP 64 and XP Pro using the MS default
menu when I installed easybcd so I basically accecepted easybcd defaults.
( dual boot with each OS on its own drive)
Is this the right way to use easybcd ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi wilburdee, welcome to NST.

1) EasyBCD can be found in the Start Menu | NeoSmart Technologies | EasyBCD folder

2) EasyBCD does not replace the Windows bootloader, it only enhances it and enriches it with support for different systems.
What do you want to do with EasyBCD ?
It's not an active part of your system.
Having it installed, or even having it started; it will still not be taking any part in the booting or the running of your system.
It's a passive app which you can use to make changes to the MS Vista/7 BCD, if you require any.
Think of it like Wordpad or Notepad. It just sits there doing nothing unless you ask it to perform a task. (like rename/reorder the boot menu entries, add a new OS to the boot menu etc etc etc.)
Thanks for both your replies. Shortly after I first posted I did indeed find the start menu entry.
Also, when I made that first post I hadn't tried rebooting yet because I was afraid that I would 'screw something up' if I didn't configure EasyBCD correctly.
Just now rebooted and wondered why I didn't see anything different .
I guess Terry60 just answered that for me.
I think I'll have to read up on this program a little more.