kali linux gone after installing win 10 next win 7 and kali

Have win 7 ultimate then installed linux Kali

Linux kali put its own grub loader

Could choose between

Win 7 and linux kali

After installing win 10

Win 10 put its own bootloader and now can choose only between

win 7 and win 10 ----kali linux cannot be seen at all.----

tried with easy bcd but dont understand what needs to be doen to fix the problem.

tried going to

--add new entry--
then by opereting systems


selected the partition where kali was installed ( C:smile:then

add entry.

Rebooted pc
Got black kind of bootloader could choose between
win 7
win 10
linux but once trying linux couldnt find anything.couldnt detect kali linux operating system (maybe missed selecting something wrong path)

Maybe missed selecting something easy bcd.

explain how to return lanux kali back. and have nice tripple boot


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Is your PC UEFI ? (in EasyBCD, you'll see Winload.efi as the bootloader)
If so, Windows bootmgr won't allow booting Linux (or legacy Windows like XP).
The only way is for Linux to take control of the boot (as you did previously).
If you're still BIOS/MBR, (EasyBCD shows Winload.exe as bootloader) then bootmgr can load Linux, but presumably your problem is that there's no longer a grub for it to chain to.
For Windows bootmgr to remain in control you need to have installed Linux with grub in the Linux partition, not in the MBR.
When you previously installed Linux you let it put grub's in place of Windows' code in the MBR, and now W10 has reversed that and replaced grub.
You'll probably need to reinstall grub into the Linux partition, (or let it take control of the MBR again) but my use of Linux is about 10 years in the past, so I'm not in a position to advise how to do that.
A web search will probably reveal all.