laptop loads but black screen HELP please

I have an older laptop. It loads, even windows thing pops up for a minute then goes black. I hooked it to a desktop monitor from one of my other computers to make sure screen didnt go bad but still black. Tried loading it in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and all. Will show a list of everything loading but then goes black with the exception of the arrow still there (and moves as if it where on). Bought the easy recovery for windows 7 home edition from yall and loaded to a USB (since my back up disk wont read in the laptop). But doesnt automatically read it and with not command prompt or such to make it read it didnt do me any good. F8 shows a huge list of enable boot logging, low resolution video, last known good configuration (advanced), directory services, debugging mode, disable automatic restart on system failure, disable driver signature enforcement, and the start windows normally, safe mode, safe mode with command and networking. The safe modes i have used all and starting windows normally but all go to black screen. Since i am unsure of what the other ones will do i do not know how to proceed. Any help i would appreciate but just need it in simple step by step directions as i am a novice at this.

Thank you for any help i can get.