Let Easy-BCD recognize Grub-2 like Grub-legacy


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My machine have Vista and on a separate HDD 4-5 Linux-OS's with Grub-2.

At moment, if I want to boot a different Linux as the first, I'm forced to create a separate Grub-partition.
Threfore I'm forced to make much more changes than only Linux let install the bootloader in the own root partition.

But, if Easy-BCD recognize each installed (Grub-2) boot-loader (not the small piece in the MBR), I can choose directly the designated OS avoiding to pass three bootloaders: the first Easy-BCD, the second Grub-partition & at least the Linux-own boot-loader.
The other way around, if I can choose the Linux-Partition, than is possible to give directly a special OS-label & have the list of all OS's in the EAsy-BCD screen/bootloader.

The "only" thing Easy-BCD have to do is a kind of chainloader. I'm not expert in bootloaders, just put the idea here.

What do you mean about it?
No real limit. It's a registry hive. Note that at boot time you may think the list has been truncated to 6 entries - you need to scroll down with the arrow keys, but there are no scroll bars visible.