Linux mint 17 boots to grub prompt dual booting with windows 8.1

I recently upgraded from Linux mint 13 to Linux mint 17 using a live Linux Mint 17 usb drive. Grub was installed in the same partition as the Linux installation. Easy BCD 2.2 was used to configure the windows boot manger. The linux partition and Grub2 were selected. Windows 8.1 boots Ok but when Linux Mint 17 is selected the computer boots to the grub command prompt. An ls command displays a list of the files and folders on the Windows C drive. I can boot into the Linux Mint 17 partition correctly using a super grub 2 boot cd. The computer is a Dell inspiron laptop with standard Bios.

Computer setup:

SDA1 System files
SDA2 Windows 8.1
SDA3 Data
SDA4 Linux 17, Grub2
SDA5 Linux Swap

I would appreciate any help in solving this problem

Carl Francis


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