Live File Not Found after installation

I installed Ubuntu through the Live CD I burned, everything worked. I installed it then removed the CD. I thought I'd be able to use Ubuntu without the CD in the tray, but then I got this error. Is there anyway to run Ubuntu without the CD? Oh and it's the only error I received.


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Did you install it ?
Live CDs start up with a "run from CD without affecting your PC" option which is probably the default.
If you used the "Install" button, it will have required you to allocate space, and by default will have taken control of your PC, dual-booting itself with whatever OS previously existed.
If you installed it but stopped it from taking control of the boot process during the setup options, you'll need to use EasyBCD to add an entry for it in the BCD of Vista/7/8.
I did the install through the LiveCD. After I did that, it restarted the computer. When I chose to boot Ubuntu, the screen popped up saying "Unable to find medium containing live file system". I don't know what exactly to do, as I don't know whether or not I stopped it from controlling it.

Edit: At one point it told me to remove the CD, close the tray, and hit enter to continue. It seems to work fine with the CD in.
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