Lock-in drive letter designation?

PC / Windows 7: I have a Seagate external drive USB’d to my PC; I want it to ALWAYS remain designated as drive “I:” – however, if I use one of my other USB ports for something else, the Seagate drive designation slithers off to some other letter. Is there any way to lock the I: drive designation so it can’t be poached?

Thanks! Appreciated.
A while ago I setup my usb stick to be H:\ drive because of something I was testing for work and ive just tried putting another usb stick in first then the normal usb stick I use second and it does change the drive letter to the next available drive letter.

I don’t know if any programs exists to do this for you but you could make a powershell script to change drive letters.

This is not really a perfect answer as I know you want it to be automatic and this would require you running a script.

I didn’t read all this but this looks like it will change the drive letter for you Change Drive Letters and Labels via a Simple PowerShell Command

I guess as something else is taking the drive letter you require that will need to be changed first or the script would error. This could be done by changing whatever device is using i:\ to say z:\ using the same script.

This could also be started from a batch command that you create a shortcut to on your desktop.

I don’t know what you know with command line and powershell (im no expert in powershell)

To create the batch file you would need to open notepad and put a line in like:

powershell .\myscript.ps1

save the notepad but when saving use save as and where it shows .txt change to *.* all files

also give the file a name like drive_change.bat

the .bat bit above is important.

From the link above test making sure it does what you want it to do. Then type the commands you used into a new notepad and save as myscript.ps1

Make sure the myscript.ps1 and drive_change.bat are in the same directory.

Create a shortcut to the drive_change.bat and copy to desktop

You may need to give drive_change.bat start as administrator. If so this can be done in the shortcut.

You will also need to set your computer to run unsigned powershell scripts you will need to google this as I can’t remember the command for this.

This is by far not a guide and I haven’t tested the above so you would need to google some of it but as I said above I don’t know what your knowledge is like with .bat files and powershell. And Im certainly no guru when it comes to powershell I have to google all of it.lol


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Just use Disk Management to assign the letter you want to each of your pluggable devices as you plug them in.
It registers the device serial with that letter in the registry and each subsequent time you plug it in, it will default to that letter as long as you don't subsequently use that same letter again for a different device.
I've been doing this for all of my pluggable devices (and my HDD partitions and optical devices) for over ten years on each new OS as it's installed.