Lost ability to dual boot!

I have a dual boot system here (Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro. I was getting the error "Invalid boot.ini" and your web site said that buying, downloading, burning to CD and running your EasyRE for Windows XP would fix the error!? Well it fixed the error, BUT now I have lost the menu/ability to dual boot and choose between Windows XP and/or Windows 7! Now what? What a waste of $20.00


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Run EasyBCD on W7 (it's free for home use) and add an XP entry to the W7 BCD.
Let EasyBCD auto-configure, and don't change anything it sets up.
You'll have the dual-boot option back in the W7 menu.


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Like Terry said, you'll need to repair your boot with EasyRE then use the free EasyBCD utility to re-configure your dual-boot.

EasyRE's sole focus is to get your PC back up and running, booting into the OS you selected for repair. Dual-boots can prevent you from doing so; so it does not consider them. Afterwards getting a new dual-boot going is fairly straightforward with EasyBCD.