Lost my second drive that had W7 on it.


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Dual boot system and was trying to do a Repair install of XP but no repair option given, so use esBCD 2.2
to remove the W7 boot option, now Windows XP no longer sees the 2 partition 750Gb hard drive that was used by W7.

I thought I might use the recovery option to fix the boot and the MBR, but when selection the W7 drive it will not let me logon,
I can log on to the XP drive.

Drive shows up in Bois and in device manager and all the files show when using a Kaspersky recover CD it uses Lunux.
The reason for the Repair is to do with XP having slow responce/hesitating and not reponding when listing files.


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Maybee you can boot from Hirens Boot CD. On this DVD is a bootmanager.
If you can boot over this one your partitions you must try an other bootmanager.