MacBook - Bluetooth Connectivity

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MacBook 10.6.8 (yes, we of the ancient days . . . ): Attempting to transfer my flip-phone contacts via Bluetooth to my MacBook

  • Both Bluetooths are activated
  • When the phone makes contact with MacBook, the phone asks for a MacBook PIN -- apparently, numerical
  • I don't recall ever using a numerical PIN on my 2006 MacBook -- it has always been a password (numerical/alpha)
  • Attempting to use my regular MacBook password results in Bluetooth not recognizing it
  • So, no Bluetooth connection to the MacBook

Any information/suggestion(s) about how to successfully facilitate this transfer?

Much appreciated.


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As this is an old thread am locking it. After this time I would imagine they sorted it out.
Thank you for your input.
Anyone else with a similar issue please start your own thread, thank you.
Anyone of the above who wishes to post message me and I will allow it.
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