MBR location

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Hello everyone. I've been struggeling for a long time to find the right position of the MBR. Presently I have two HDs, one a new SSD, both Winows 10. I chose to
put the boot location into the main partition of my new SSD. In EasyBCD I see both Windows installations and marked the SSD as a preset. Result: After the UEFI Bios has done its work, I do not get the DOS-like choice of Windows installations to chose from (and wait the desired seconds) but instead I always get the blue Windows10 tiles - with the same choice as planned.
In other cases (PCs) I only see the DOS-like choices but here, always the blue Winows tiles to chose from - and without an indication of waiting time in seconds.
So - I gathered, the location of the starting sequence is important. As in EasyBCD one can put the starting sequence (and / or?) in any partition.
I wish anyone can clarify this for good : Where do you put the location - on which partition - the get the right result?
Hoping for help.
Not open for further replies.