McAfee Down ;-(


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...or maybe I mean :wink: - at least I can relax. Just to be sure, can someone click this link and tell me if they too get database errors please?

It's been like that since yesterday afternoon.

For the uninitiated, I Moderate those forums so really need to have access. I've tried contacting everyone I can think of - no reply....LOL
I'm not sorry really, but when it finally comes back up I'll have all that more to do to catch up with the backlog.
This was all made worse last night because my ISP's cable went down - no TV, phone or internet...LOL
Thank goodness I had my mobile phone otherwise I might as well have been stranded in Antartica.
not working it says this daatabase has a serious problem and needs more good people to take care of it
LOL...financially...???? I don't think that they are lacking money with over 200 million customers. But for such a huge company to completely close down at weekends as far as any reasonable support goes is questionable.
I just emailed Customer Service explaining exactly who I was and why I was emailing them. I got a reply from somewhere in India (I think) telling me how to contact McAfee via the forums....just great...:wink:
dump them i didn't think they had internet in India lol those ripoffs still tell me they need my millions and of course i'm to busy to check there financial status so i just write the check is it down in America also?
The company is based in Texas - that database is down. Support, like with so many organisations today (including Microsoft), is farmed out to external when you contact support you could get people in just about any part of the world.
The internet is very much alive and well in India.
I dont know if this helps but the Mcafee home page seems to be working (you probably already know that). So could they maybe be rennovating the site or for some reason temporarily stopped the forums?
Anyways a few days rest never hurt anyone :wink:
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Wow.... It hurts nst's traffic when we're down for the odd hour.... i can't imagine how much this extended downtime is costing them!
Oh, don't worry, their Sales Dept. is up and running. It's only the forums. Everything else seems to be working just fine.
From the database error I'm getting I would say that someone has input some incorrect coding in the Admin CP.
Can always have them come here and get support. :lol: But the forums are down and it seems as they have been all day. Maybe a server move? I know that another site i visit just did a server upgrade and come to find out one of the sites hosted a single file wasn't moved over with the upgrade. Which caused a IPS driver error. Could be what happened here.

I mean with Peter racking up a insane amount of posts there they probably had to update the server to handle just the SQL for his profile. :tongueout:

Just kidding Peter.
LOL.....highly improbable!! I emailed Customer Service (Sales) and they politely told me how to sign-in at the about DUH...!
I then opened a Chat session with Technical Support and introduced myself as a forum MOD. They told me that the servers had been upgraded and (obviously) were having some problems.
But of course, with them being in Chennai, India and the forums being in Texas, U.S.A. I guess we wont really know until they are back up and someone posts an apology.
Talking about websites... look at this weird scene of my small thingy:


What the hell happened in February? :lup:
Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around to help out at all for a couple of days, but Peter's post here rang bells with me too.
On Friday my broadband ISP became my phone provider too, and in a last act of what appears to have been pure spite, British Telecom flipped the switch on my broadband as they handed the account over, disconnecting me from the net (whilst I was in this forum as it happens).
It took a while for me to persuade my new provider
a) that I was now with them (their phone support (in India again) wasn't updated in real-time )
b) that there was nothing wrong with the way I'd connected my router (it's been working for a month goddamit)
c) that there was nothing wrong with my phone socket (I'm talking to you through it aren't I )
etc etc
Eventually I had to jump through all their unnecessary hoops so they could tick all the boxes on the script they have to follow, until finally after God knows how long we reached the conclusion I'd told them in the first place, and they agreed that despite their records insisting that I was broadband enabled, I was in fact not, and an engineer would have to be docketed to take appropriate action.
Hence I've been cold-turkey web-wise for 48 hours which seems an age to be incommunicado.
WB, Terry..

As Peter says - we've all been there at some point or the other, it's like our love and dedication to cyberspace is being put to the test :tongueout: