Missing BOOTMGR problem -- all gone wrong


I have got an error "Missing BOOTMGR" while booting. I have cleared all files on C:\, excluding Windows, Program Files, Program Files(x86), Users, AppData folders and a "Documents and Settings" shortcut, using the Ultimate Boot CD. It is Windows 7 x64 Proffesional.

I have been trying the following solutions:
All three options in: windows 7 bootmgr is missing-- resolved using WinRE - Microsoft Answers
MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record - Windows 7 Forums

with no success (still "BootMGR missing"). I am not sure if reinstalling system would help either. I have a lot of apps installed and I would prefer not to do a clean reinstall, even if it would help.

Any help appreciated


If I decided to do a clean install three hours ago, when it all got started, I would have all apps installed and working now. I have just formatted that drive. [irritated]
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Well the issue could be that you removed the boot files. The boot files are not kept within a folder at all. They are just kept in the root of the C:\ Drive. So the file for the bootmgr would be C:\bootmgr.exe, and since you said you removed all files but the ones you excluded, you removed the boot files and have to rebuild it if you can, if not all is lost.