Missing Operating System (Lenovo N500 Model4233)

Hi guys 1st timer posting here iv been looking at other post's trying to repair my laptop i tried full restore to factory settings but the disks i thought i made from my laptop didn't turn out don't know where i went wrong now i get missing Missing Operating System message iv got the vista link and made a disc i can get in to repair but it wont repair it for me iv a sore head trying this where on my laptop could my Missing Operating System be please please help if you's can.. also tried the manual boot-loader recovery options with no joy im an amateur with laptops any help would be grateful thanks


iv a SERVICE003(C) a SW_Preload (D) a Lenovo (E) a CD Drive (F) and a Boot (X)
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hi Terry thanks for trying to help the f11 wont do anything for me F1 and F12take me to the setup utility part thats as far as i can get waiting to here back from lenovo to but here slow to respond when i use the vista disc i can get in to all my drives but cant repair so frustrated by this feel like screaming
Are you saying you can boot the recovery CD, but it can't see an OS to fix ?
If so, eject any addition HDDs, leaving only the one you want to fix.
If you don't have more than one HDD, try "next" without selecting an OS.
That sometimes completes the first stage of the repair, and the OS reappears.
You can then do another 2 repairs to fix the other parts of the broken boot.
think i only have 1 HDD !! iv tried "next" without selecting an OS just says windows cant repair .. still waiting on lenovo to get back to me i feel like hopping it of the ground at this stage
fixed all i needed was a window's xp disc and (bobs ur uncle) all that stress ah well thats life thanks terry again for trying to help me will keep looking on here for info keep up the good work
since fixing this peace of crap im getting missing devices
and have yellow question marks in device manager

1 audio device on high definition audio bus

2 modum device on high definition audio bus

3 sm bus controller

4 video controller

5 video controller(VGA compatible)

any help on this 1