modify mac bootloader path to use extensions within the drive


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is there a way to send the grub bootloader directly over to the mac drive to pick up the resources (extensions) instead of using the resources in the iso image?

or to direct the bootloader path to use the newer and modified chameleon bootloader and the associated resources located on the hfs+ (mac) drive?

when adding an entry for a mac i see Bootloader Path: \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr.
i also see the contents of nst_mac.iso : easybcd_mac: Extra > Extensions and plist;
in addition to the usr folder > standalone > i386 > chain0; fdisk; cdboot; boot1hp; boot1he; boot1h; boot1f32; boot0; boot

can one or more of these files be edited in order to accomplish this?

my thought is that if the process uses chain0 it could be directed to the hfs+ drive, but i am definitely not claiming to know more than i do.

any help would be appreciated.

the goal is this: to have a 4 drive boot system. XPP/Win7p64/OSX/Ubuntu without having to enter f12 bios every time.
ideally i would be starting up with win7p64 drive initially and be able to load the rest of the os's from the bcd.