more ? from rimsky

hello again thnx for previous help.

I now have xp64 accessible from the vista boot/bcd menu BUT the other xp o/s entry >xp pro sets up as xp64 !!! (the 2 xp o/s are on the same drive on partitions obviously .... any ideas what's going on there ?

ALSO I configured neogrub to boot my 2 linux o/s but they cannot be found from the neogrub menu ... I am not sure of the Linux / windows drive / partitions so i could have misnamed them during configuration . They are on drive 3 on 2 partitons > haw should that be named in neogrub ?

Also On boot up there appears another boot up menu which doesnt work and there seems to be a grub menu on the xp64 partition > how can I get rid of these as they are confusing ?

A lot of questions I know but I have nearly got this sorted !!!! thnx again for your help,



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