MS Project unable to open file

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I worked with mpp file for several months but suddenly on one day I can't open it.

Error message:

The file "X.mpp" cannot be opened.

- Check that the file name and path are correct

- Check that the file format is recognized by Project

Project file saved in a version earlier than Microsoft Project 98 can't be opened.

If your file is from earlier version, open it in that version, click save as (File menu), and save in MPX format. Open the MPX file in the current version of Project. When you use this method, project data is imported, but formatting is lost.

My comments:

- MS Project 2010 SP1

- No major changes were made to the file (only operational). File was created in 2010

- Other mpp file can be successfully opened except this

- On other machine with 2010 it also can't be opened

- On other machine with 2007 asks to upgrade in order to open the file

- File name and path is correct

Please help!


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MS Project 2010 SP1 is obsolete. I would ask on a Windows specialist forum. This is more for the software that Neosmart produces.
I see several identical posts on the web so assume someone will answer.


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1 On the Help menu, click Detect and Repair.

To restore program shortcuts to the Windows Start menu, make sure to select the Restore my shortcuts while repairing check box.

2 Click Start.

Notes: This procedure detects and repairs problems associated with the installation of Microsoft Project, such as registry settings and missing installation files. It does not repair personal files, such as project files or templates.

If this procedure does not fix the problem, you may need to reinstall Microsoft Project.
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