Multi-booting and backups

I have a PC running XP, Ubuntu and Xubuntu, and for the most part everything is fine. However, when I restore backups (usually in XP), things go wrong. Grub is the main bootloader.

So here's my question. If I install EasyBCD in XP, then add Ubuntu and Xubuntu to the boot options, will it work? If it does, can I then make a backup of XP so that when I restore from it, the multi-boot will still work?

Apologies if this is a stupid question. I'm going around in circles and getting sick of re-installing operating systems...

Any advice appreciated, thanks.



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Sorry. EasyBCD is, as the name suggests. for OSs with a BCD.
i.e. Vista through to W10
On any one of those OSs it can be used to boot legacy windows from DOS to XP. or a multiplicity of "foreign" stuff like Linux, but there has to be a BCD to store that information and a copy of bootmgr to use it.
It doesn't have any function you could use on your PC.
Ah, ok. So EasyBCD supports XP but not as the 'host'. Looks like I abandoned Windows one version too soon. I hang on to a version of XP (which is not allowed online) for just a couple of programs I like. Time to find "foreign" alternatives I think..

Thanks for your help, Terry. Much appreciated.