Multiboot, XP and VHD

Hi. I have a question : I want to use EASYBCD to add a VHD with Windows XP. But if I launch Windows xp in the bootloader they say they cannot find a file. XP has a bootloader (NTLDR I think) different of WIN10 or 7. Now I don't know how to add Windows xp VHD to bootloader. I have already try to modify the path to \Windows\NTLDR or \NTLDR and nothing working.
What can i do ?


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You can't use EasyBCD in an XP-only PC.
The BCD is the Vista/7/8/8.1/10 replacement for boot.ini in XP
Since XP doesn't have a BCD, there's nothing for EasyBCD to do.


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Additionally, XP does not have native kernel support for VHDs and thus cannot be booted from one (even though EasyBCD can add it alright).