Need NeoGrub help

Desired result: (partitions)
1. xp, 2. xp64 3. win7 4. win8
I installed xp, hid the partition and installed xp64 so they would both be C drive. Unhid partition 1 and set it as active. Went on to install 7 and 8.

Now I can't get NeoGrub to boot either xp. I keep getting error 11 - unspecified DEVICE
Can anyone please give me the correct syntax to use?
Also, NeoGrub got installed on partition 1, which needs to be hidden to boot xp64 as C. Do I need to move it to another partition?

Bonus: I thought Win8 (not 8.1) has a GUI boot menu as well. I can't get that sucker to appear.


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If XP64 installed as C, it will boot as C regardless of the status of the other XP. It doesn't need to be hidden. (and MS boot managers don't have the facility)
You don't need to use Neogrub.
Just add an XP entry to the BCD for each XP manually (not auto-configure) pointing to the disk letter that the booted system sees each XP as (not C) and then don't change what it sets up. (You'll think it made a mistake. It didn't)
Windows XP - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
bootmgr is incapable of booting two independent XPs from one menu, but NST has built a custom version of NTLDR which can do so (as described in the previous link)
From each version of XP run the following hack to "offline" the W7 and W8 partitions if you value the ability to use system restore.
System Restore Points - Stop XP Dual Boot Delete