need some help with windows xp



I am at wit's end hopefully someone here can help me.

I have a dual boot pc using Easy BCD. One Partition has Windows 7 the other XP. I installed new driver software for a new printer and now the Windows XP won't boot. The system restore does not work and boot into safe mode doing selective startup didn't fix the problem either.

So now I am looking into doing a repair install on windows xp. So the my question is do I basically follow the same repair install procedure as I would if it was just windows xp on there ? The dual boot has me confused. My windows 7 cd does not recognize the windows xp partition. So I am guessing that I would select windows xp and the put in the xp recovery cd to do the repair install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If its a driver issue "Last Known Good Configuration" from the advanced options boot menu where you found safe mode should fix things.
Tried that too. Didn't work.

I have played around with it for awhile now and nothing has worked. That is why I was going to do the recovery. Thanks though
As to whether installing a driver can blow up an operating system the answer is yes. I install a WiFi driver a while back and completely blew up a Windows XP. Both the driver that came on the disc with the card and the latest on the manufactures website turned out to be incompatible Windows XP. It’s because they were designed for Windows seven. The older driver worked fine.

This is a good example of where you either need to have a backup of your operating system before installing driver or have a test XP in another partition.

The XP recovery CD that you speak of is probably from your computer manufacturer. If you had a real Windows XP disk with one of the service pack slipstreamed into it you could strategically reinstall Windows XP to the partition that is in and then simply make an entry for it in the Easy BCD boot loader. I fear however that your manufacturers recovery CD will do a quick wipe of the entire drive in other words delete all the partitions and set up Windows XP by itself is if it were the only operating system.

Assuming it works and you have to put Windows 7 back on the system and setup your multi-boot again.
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