Need to Access multiple Grubs.

My system has Win7, WinXP, Ubuntu, and Mint on separate drives and partitions. I boot remotely using LogMeIn. There are two Grub2's. Would like EasyBCD to list both in menu and to boot either.

Alternatelly, I would like to just boot directly to the Ubuntu or Mint OS's and skip Grub.

Can this be done?

Mak 2.0

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No. You will have to manually edit the GRUB to have both entries. From there you will have to leave GRUB on so that you can select the version of Linux you want to boot to. By default the BCD doesnt natively boot into any other OS than Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. With the help of NeoGRUB, you can get various versions of Linux, but you still need GRUB.
Thanks for your quick response.

I have made my two Grub2's the same with both Ubuntu and Mint, except for the default OS that they point to.

The problem is that I am booting remotely. The system first boots into Windows and then I remotely set the next OS using iReboot to point to the Linux systems and then reboot. During this I do not see EasyBCD or Grub2 menus remotely, so I have to depend on the Default= setting in the GRUB2's to go to the Linux OS I want.

I would like to be able to point to different Grub2's that are set to boot one or the other Linux OS.

Any Suggestions?


Mostly Harmless
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It's an outstanding feature request for EasyBCD to support multiple GRUB2 installs.

If you can find *any* documented way of having multiple GRUB2 installations with separate menus (NOT via BIOS switching) and send me a link to a how-to, I can try to integrate an automated version of this in EasyBCD. At the moment all the attempts I've tried (admittedly I only spent half an hour or so) to load to separate copies of GRUB2 that use their own respective menu files has ended in failure.