Need to Dual Boot Windows 8 Core and Windows 8 Pro and Windows Server 2012-(2of3)

Hey guys, I've been searching for this help and only found one or two articles on Microsoft's sites but they don't say much. Heres the deal, I have a new Laptop with Win 8 Core on it that I need to leave on there for now. I have Win8Enterprise and Windows server 2012 Datacenter Licensed copies that I have in VMware virtual machines on my old laptop. I know I have a few options. Ideally, I would like to reinstall Server 2012 behind Windows 8, either as a VHD or on a separate partiiton. I have plenty of backup images of both, but I tried to boot off a VHD and after choosing the VHD on the new Windows 8 Boot Menu the screen went black and just rebooted into Windows 8. I set up the boot menu with EasyBCD and thought everything was good but now I read here that EasyBCD will not help with the new Windows 8 Boot menu? I don't care what the boot menu looks like I just need a step by step guide to DualBooting WIndows server 2012 behind Windows 8 OEM. I really appreciate anybody who can help me here, Any more questions you have just ask and if I get alerted that you posted here, I will come back and answer them right away. Thanks for this great program, I wish windows 8 didn't do this UEFI secureboot stuff, but when I go into the BIOS I can turn it off and also enable legacy boot, so this is probably what I have to do to boot into server 2012 I gather.


OKAY now I found the box to subscribe to the thread, I will be waiiting for some help with this. Thanks again.:x
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