Need to know before purchase Windows recovery disk

I need to know which program to purchase for my desktop. I have Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64X on my desktop, Acer Aspire M3450. I am not sure which to get Windows 7 recovery Home edition or Professional edition. I had serveral problems that need to be fixed on my operating system. For example --my desktop can't even get into safe mode after restarted. Other is that in msconfig I don't see my operating system in boot. Lots of programs have " Access is denied " also with error code 432. I don't know if this program will fix or better off to format the hard drive and reinstall them again.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thank you,



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Home Edition should suffice but note that this isn't a replacement for a system disk, only to help you recover what is already there. Until someone comes along with some knowledge of the product, please note that all help, before or after use, for EasyRE is via email as per: Forum Closed: Send EasyRE support requests to


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Firstly, try using System Restore to take you back to a restore point before this started happening.