need to restore Boot Menu time duration. Help!


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I got Easy BCD (install on Vista) to dual boot Vista & XP.
I was messing with some settings and by mistake made XP to boot by default with a duration of 0 seconds for the OS menu selection.
Now, whenever I boot up it goes straight to XP and the OS Menu Selection Screen does not shows up at all.

It will not allow me to chosse which OS to boot into (cause I gave it 0 seconds of respond time)

How can I fix this?
Can it be fix under XP?



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Hi Mega Man, welcome to NST.

This can be very easily fixed: Install EasyBCD on XP, and change the timeout from there. :smile:


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You'll need to install the .NET Framework (2.0).


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(that's in the custom (options) section of Windows update)