need your help,plz!

Hello !
I have a problem with EasyBCD.I have a notebook hp dv with OS Vista and WINPE RAMDISK(this is recovery partition).In EasyBCD they're as this:

There are a total of 2 entries listed in the Vista Bootloader.
Bootloader Timeout: 3 seconds.
Entry #1
BCD ID: {default}
Drive: [D:]\SOURCES\BOOT.WIM,{ad6c7bc8-fa0f-11da-8ddf-0013200354d8}
Windows Directory: \WINDOWS
Entry #2
Name: Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium (recovered)
BCD ID: {current}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory: \Windows

i comed in Add and Remove on EasyBCD and i deleted Entry #1 .Now i want to run recovery partition to restore winVista but i can't.How can i do this ? how to back up WINPE RAMDISK as original ? Help me ,please !
Sorry for my bad english ! hope you understand !
Hello Choi, welcome to NeSmart Technologies.

If I understand you correctly - you had a WinPE entry in EasyBCD. You deleted it, and now want to get it back. Correct?

That's one reason we highly advise backing up your bootloader with EasyBCD - it's quite easy actually.

At any rate - you need to find out the path to the recovery file. It's probably a .WIM file located somewhere on your drive, do you know where it is?
No idea, sorry.

There are two different types of WinPE 2.0 images. The first is a .WIM file and the second is actual files and folders (extracted ramdisk). I have no idea what type your PC manufacturer has provided you with.

I can help you get your WinPE entry back up and help you boot into it and all - but I can't get info about the location of files and stuff for you.

Just send an email to your PC manufacturer and point them to this thread, I'm sure they'll understand exactly what you're looking for immediately and give you the info you need.