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I just tried NeoGRUB included with EasyBCD and it seems that it actually manages to load fully from an NTFS partition. As far as I know this feature is not in GRUB4DOS (and one needs to have a copy on a supported partition type).

Is this indeed a feature unique to NeoGRUB? It seems really great. Is it possible to obtain a copy of just NeoGRUB from somewhere without EasyBCD?


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I use grub4dos (as part of HnS) to load all of XP/Vista/7/8, all from NTFS disks.
Afaik Neogrub is a custom grub4dos.
I just found the source of GRUB4DOS from this site. Now I'll have to see whether I can compile it :wink:
I didn't know about HnS. I couldn't find it, but thanks for the tip. I'll look into it!


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Stock Grub4Dos does have NTFS support........