Netbook wont boot

My son has a aspire one kav10 netbook which has decided to stop booting up. He has a message that says "windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause etc. It tells him to insert disc to repair it. The problem is the netbook doesnt have a cd drive. It also says file: "Boot\BCD and status 0x0000098. Info: The windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid os entry.

Any help would really be appreciated.


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Unless someone else comes along with a better idea you could try restoring it to factory settings but warning: that will get rid of any work or stored files already on there.

I looked up online how to do this for that model:

Press alt+F10 at Acer logo displayed at first screen
you will directed to Acer Erecovery Management
at Acer Erecovery Management chose 'restore to factory setting'
then follow the instruction until finished
As I said only do this if all else fails as all stored items will be lost unless you backed them up somewhere.