New Linux Not Recognised?

Hi all.
I have been using EasyBCD (v2.2) to dual boot Windows 7 and Open SUSE (13.1) for several months with no problem. Recently I decided I wanted to use use Kubuntu (14.04) so I installed it onto a spare ext4 partition and put grub2 onto that partition; the OpenSUSE grub is also on its own partition. So now I have two linux installs, and Win 7, all of which I have tested and can boot individually from Super Grub2 Disk.

My first plan was to change the Easy BCD entry to point at Kubuntu and OpenSUSE. When that didn’t work, some reading here led to the discovery that EBCD will only support booting one Linux. A little disappointed, but quickly decided to just focus on the Kubuntu install. As the grub.cfg on the Kubuntu partition contains entries for Windows and OpenSUSE as well, I thought I would have access to everything via the grub menu anyway.

So far, so good. In EasyBCD, I deleted the OpenSUSE entry and added a new Kubuntu entry, but the new entry still caused the OpenSUSE grub menu entries to appear. Suspecting carelessness, I repeated the delete and add steps a couple of times but always get the same result. My suspicion is that EBCD does not like the Kubuntu grub install for some reason and is trying to help me by defaulting back to something it does like, but its not what I want.

All help to understand what is going on and possible EBCD routes to a fix appreciated. I know I could just move to using Grub and abandon EBCD, but that is not my first choice.

In case it is relevant, the basic partition layout in Linux speak is as follows:
sda1 - Windows recovery
sda2 - Windows 7
sdb1 - data
sdb2 - Kubuntu
sdb3 - OpenSUSE
sdb4,5 - data
sdb6 - swap