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I have windows 7 with CD. I have placed the CD into the drive but nothing will show. I have also downloaded the windows 7 repair and burned it to disc. If I open the CD it shows Boot, Sources in file icon and bootmgn with no file associated to it, is this normal? If I use the F10 to select the bootable drive (LG BH10LS30) it will get stuck at that screen. I also have the option of using a Toshiba 8 GB USB stick. The windows 7 was successfully installed and operating for about 3 days. After turning off the PC and trying to restart it would not operate. Please be aware I have been trying to resolve this problem during my holidays for three days so any help is appreciated.

Also need to mention when i find the downloaded windows 7 64 BIT repair disc Imagefile, the icon that represents the download is ImgBurn Icon, is this normal?
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Yes, you need to burn the ISO image to a CD with ImgBurn, then boot from it.

Don't burn it to a disc with Windows.
Hello and thank you for your response. Sorry my original post was not very understandable.
I had mentioned that I had the Microsoft Windows CD only because I had tried to repair the boot and it did not work.

I have downloaded the software to my PC and burnt it to the CD. My concern is that I did not burn it as an .iso image. I did tried to describe it above what I could see on the CD when I open it and asked if it was correct. When opening the CD it shows under the name Boot Sources (in a file icon) and bootmgn with no file associated to it.

After burning the CD I had tried to use it to boot the PC but it did not work. I think it may have not worked because I did not burn it correctly or there is something else wrong with the PC.

Thank you once again for your response and happy new year.

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No, that's burned right. Those files are correct.

You need to configure your BIOS to boot from the CD drive.
I did and I even used the F10 key to select the optical drive but the it get stuck at the selection menu. Then I placed the .ISO image in a USB stick and tryed to boot it from the USB stick and again it did not work.
Thank you for your reply. I have downloaded the tool but I was also prompted to download windows XP- KB932716-V2-X86-ENU, hotfixpackage which I did.
I went back to the original .iso download but when I click it with the tool I receive a message saying that (the selected file is not a valid ISO file) should I download the file again?

Also need to mention when I try to burn an .iso image I can not find it until after I right click it and associate a file to open it. (I an not certain if it is relevant)
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I am using windows 7 ultimate. Previously I had xp installed. Everything was working fine till the version 2 of easyBCD. Now, Every time I boot my computer it shows a boot menu selection screen with 30sec delay. I have only one OS now. I tried to disable the screen through options in EasyBcd however it do not allow to use F8 menu (may be called as Advanced boot option or something like that...sorry dont know exact name) to boot in safe mode. Can anyone tell me whats is the solution? I just want to boot my computer in windows 7 (that is the only OS installed on computer) by default and also wish to use F8 when I want to without changing options each time. Or chould I switch back to 1.7version of EasyBCD?
Please help...
Hi Taniya,
Sorry I am not very technical and it is probably best if somebody else with more experience confirms what I am saying is correct. I think you need to disable it from the BIOS and select the start up drive from there. I hope this was of help.
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OK, here's the other way:

Extract the contents of the ISO to the USB drive. (You can do this by opening the ISO file in WinRAR or the like). Or just copy from the CD you burned to your USB disk.

EasyBCD | Install/Repair BCD | Make External Bootable

Select the USB drive's letter from there, and let it convert it into a bootable USB and auto-load the BCD store with it.

EasyBCD | Add New Entry | WinPE

Browse for the .WIM file on the USB HD, tick the "force bootable media" checkbox, and add.

You should then be able to boot from the USB.
Hello, I down loaded EasyBCD but when try opening it I keep on getting the message (The boot configuration data could not be opened. The system cannot find the file specified). Is this normal or am I supposed to do something?

Where do I go to repair the BCD and how do I do this? You also mentioned make external bootable where do I find this and how do I do this. You also said to select the USB drive letter but I can not see any where that it will allow me to select it.

I would like to once again thank you for your time and patience.
Hello, I have down loaded Easy BCD 2.0.2 is this the corect thing that I had down loaded?

on the left side it give you seven selections, which one is the corect selection for Install/Repair BCD?
Option 5

BCD backup/ Repair

By default the radio button for BCD configuration will be checked. That is not what you want. Check the next radio button titled re-create/repair boot files

Then click on perform action.
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Thank you for your responce.
I think the mother board is the problem or BIOS. I can not flash or repair the BIOS so I have sent it back for waranty. I did on betch test with only one stick of RAM and used difrent procesor etc and the system would still do the same thing. It not even say no bootable devices were conected.

It may take some time before I receive the mothere board because of location. I will let you know if it resolves the problem.

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Thank you for your assistance and time. I have replaced the mother board and now it all works fine. I hope this will assist somebody else.
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Great to hear back from you, Chris.

It's good to know that it worked, though a real shame you had to replace the whole motherboard!