No boot sector on internal hard drive error

Hello. Around the start of this week, I was browsing the Internet and it froze, so I decided to do a hard reboot. After the computer logo popped up, this message appears:

"No boot sector on internal hard driveNo bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utilityPress F5 to run onboard diagnostics."

So I followed the directions that were given to me on this site

o far, nothing has worked and it still pops up the message about the no boot sector, and a diagnostic test from Startup Repair says that the root cause is an MBR error. I followed all the steps in the above link exactly on every step, so far it worked until I got to the final step. Every time I typed in a command in the Command Prompt, a message afterwards would say 'The system cannot find the file specified.' My computer is a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop and I'm not even sure if this problem can be solved without me having to buy a brand-new hard drive, which I don't have the money for, let alone buying a new computer or having somebody look at it. It's important that I get this problem fixed because I am a full-time college student, and I do all my work on my laptop, and my new classes are only days away.

Also, if it helps, my computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Unfortunately when I got my computer, it didn't come with a recovery or repair disk and I don't have the money to download one.
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I don't mean how are you communicating with us, I mean how can you follow the instructions to try fixing the broken PC.
The link you quote is to fix a broken bootmanager/BCD boot process by using another working OS on the same PC, e.g You've just installed XP as a dual boot with Vista/7 and it's regressed the boot back to NTLDR.
In that case you can use the working XP to reinstall the Vista/7 boot manager using EasyBCD.
If you don't have a working OS on that PC, that link directs you to another
Recovering the Windows Bootloader from the DVD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
the first step of which is to boot the Installation or repair disc, which you say you don't have.
Incidentally, whilst the repair disc download on this site used to be free, it can no longer be so at the insistence of Microsoft themselves.
That doesn't mean it has to cost you anything though. If you have access to any W7 PC (your sister's laptop ?) you can create one yourself
Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create Repair Disc