No more Win 8 graphical boot

HI there. I recently installed Ubuntu after installing Windows 8. From then on, I no longer got the blue graphical boot screen of windows 8. Dual boot works fine, it's just that the boot screen is text. I have used the windows function bcdedit to make sure windows is set as default, and that the bootmenupolicy is set to standard. I have double checked my settings in EasyBCD. I am attaching my settings. Am I missing something? What could be done. Others are dual booting with Linux and windows 8, and they have posted their boot screens. So it should be possible.
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If you allowed Ubuntu to take its default actions during install, it will have overwritten the MBR to look for grub as the primary boot manager, and that's what is now dual-booting for you.
If you want Windows to control the boot, you will need to put it back in control first.
EasyBCD > BCD Deployment > Install Vista/7 Bootloader > Write MBR
and then when it has reclaimed control of the boot, add an entry for linux to the BCD.
Thank you, Terry. From my screenshot, you should have seen that it did the 'write MBR' in the BCD deployment. Nevertheless, I removed the entry for Ubuntu, save the setup, went back into deployment and clicked on write MBR. Then I rebooted. No change. I see windows 8 only, but still as a text screen. What now? Thanks for any ideas.