No support from NeoSmart

4 weeks ago I was desperate. I was caught in the Windows 10 Recovery infinite loop for a month. Nothing worked. I could not even reinstall Windows 10.

In desperation, I tried EasyRE. The web-site said all the right things. So I purchased the Professional version. It crashed! And it damaged my Linux system. All external and internal partitions are mounted as read-only. Even drives that were not connected to my computer when EasyRE crashed.

The only response from NeoSmart was a promise to refund my money and "wish you the best of luck fixing your PC." No e-mail support from their so-called tech support in over a month.

One hint I got was that their program can fix MBR problems. My system is a UEFI dual-boot, so of course I use a GUID Partition Table, not the 1980's version MBR.

Can anyone help me get my Linux (Ubuntu MATE 18.04 running on AMD 64-bit processor) working properly since NeoStupid provides no support what so ever?