Nov 2017 Win Pro won't boot but Mar 2017 iso boots fine

Bob Y

New Member
I purchased the March 2017 EasyRE for Win 10 Pro in March. Made a bootable USB and a bootable DVD from the ISO image and both booted and worked fine. Now my system is getting a little weird so I tried to run EasyRE again but got a message at the main RE graphic user interface that my current version of Windows needed a newer copy, so I spent another $40 and bought it in Nov 2017. Made my bootable devices and now both bootable media stop after a long dialog and never get to the Graphic RE interface. I've tried the VGA and SAFE options, too. My hardware hasn't changed one tiny bit but RE reimage that worked fine before will not work with the Nov 2017 copy I just purchased. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks, Bob