NTLDR missing (VISTA) after EASYBCD


Hi people,

I have a computer with 2 hds. I instaled VISTA in one of them and, after, UBUNTU in the other. When I rebooted, it started the GRUB without information about my VISTA. By prompt I could access my VISTA. I download the EASYBCD to fix but I used Uninstall the Vista bootloader (use to restore XP) and wrote my MBR.

When I turn on my computer it stop on error NTLDR is missing. I tried to use the Windows XP Recover CD but I don't know the password of Administrator that it needs. I don't have the Vista CD/DVD.

Is there anything that I do to resolve this problem?

(PS: I already instaled de Ubuntu (GRUB) again but I can't access VISTA yet)


Follow Mak's first link, and you'll find an ISO download for a Vista recovery disk which will allow you to repair Vista's bootmgr.
My friends,

I'm so glad with your help. I did exactly what Makaveli said and reforced by Terry. The CD created I already put in my pack and I will take wherever I go.

Thanks a lot.