NVidia Or ATi?


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I'm not sure: should I take MSI nVIDIA GeForce 6600 128MB ,
or ATi Radeon X700 128MB, they are both AGP.

I was thinking more about nVIDIA, couse somebudy says that ATi have problems with drivers for some games?!
If your worried about the games and drivers, don't be.
A while back, ATi had terrible drivers, but now they beat even nVidia, with regular driver releases and gaming-related updates.

I have a Radeon 9600, but of the two you mentioned, the 6600 wins (every) race.
You can see charts and comparisons here.
ATi X1600pro AGP is better cause it have 256MB of RAM and more advanced processor structure... after all... :grinning:, better then both of this cards.
Hell yeah it's better...
But it costs a LOT more.. Are you going to get it? If you do, you HAVE to do a review for NST, complete with benchmarks man!