One drive not recognized in dual boot with separate drives

Hi all,

I just set up a dual boot configuration with two separate drives where win7-32 is my main/EasyBCD drive and win7-64 is my alternate drive.

When I boot into win7-32, I can see the win7-64 drive and its contents, but when I boot into win7-64, I cannot see the win7-32 drive. Is this normal or do I need to do something to make the win 7-32 drive recognizable?

Any ideas or recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


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Can you see the second drive in Disk Management ?
Does it have a letter ?
If not, assign one to it.
Drives without letters are treated as invisible in Explorer.


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If disk management doesn't see the disk that means there's nothing EasyBCD can do. Disk Management should report all - even unsupported - disks seen by your BIOS, this is extremely weird.